I-Team: Early voting continues to draw long lines; 26,000 Nevadans participated in first 2 days of Democratic caucus


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s day three of early voting for the Nevada Democratic Caucus, and just like it was this weekend, the long lines at early voting locations continued on Monday.

Nevada Democrats say in the first two days, about 26,000 Nevadans voted early. All eyes are on the Nevada State Democratic Party, especially since they had to switch plans quickly since they planned on using the same app which failed during the Democratic Caucus in Iowa.

“Will Nevada repeat what has happened in Iowa? And the answer to that question is no,” said William McCurdy, chairman of the NV State Democratic Party.

The Nevada State Democratic Party is holding early voting for the caucus for the first time ever, and it seems to have been a success because, for the first three of four days, many voters at various locations have experienced long lines.

“At the Sun City Anthem Community Center Monday, a two to three-hour wait,” said Wendy Linow, volunteer. “It got like this I’d say this with this Disneyland type rows oh within an hour.”

According to Linow, an increase in volunteers would greatly help keep the lines shorter.

“There really aren’t enough in the state, and that’s why it’s so important for me to volunteer,” Linow said.

While Linow says she is here to help, Chuck Muth is pushing for operation caucus chaos.

“It was a way to make a statement about you know how foolish it is,” said Muth.

Muth, a conservative activist and blogger, says he registered as a Democrat Sunday and voted early for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Voters are allowed to register and switch parties on the spot.

“A lot of people have said ‘well you’re cheating.’ I’m not cheating if I’m playing by your rules,” Muth said. “These are the rules that they established. I’m not cheating. I’m just playing by the rules that they established. I’ve always been critical of those rules.”

While all eyes are on the Silver State after Iowa’s failed caucus, Nevada Democrats are facing scrutiny about whether there are enough volunteers and whether enough training has been done for the Saturday’s caucus.

“We will continue to provide training and continue to recruit volunteers all the way up until caucus,” McCurdy said.

Nevada Democrats plan on using a caucus calculator on iPads at precincts Saturday to include the early votes, along with paper backups.
They say they are staying away from WiFi and the internet altogether.

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