LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Fifteen votes, not 30 as Clark County elections officials had reported Friday, separate Democrat Ross Miller from Republican Stavros Anthony in the race for Clark County Commission’s District C seat, court documents obtained by the I-Team indicated.

Anthony requested the $80,000 recount, which took all of last week to complete. On Friday, officials with the Clark County Election Department said Miller had defeated Anthony by a total of 30 votes, up from the previous margin of 10 votes.

But an email in court documents filed Monday shows the difference was actually 15 votes.

“We have finished our review of the recount and were able to identify the issue we shared with you on Friday,” the email to the campaigns from Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria said. “They were
in fact duplicate batches of ballots that were read into the system. With assistance from our vendor we were able to identify the batches and have them removed.”

A new tally released Monday, Dec. 14, shows Democrat Ross Miller won the District C race by 15 votes. (KLAS)

The recount vote totals are as follows:

  • Ross Miller – 76,592
  • Stavros Anthony – 76,577

The previous vote totals were as follows:

  • Ross Miller — 76,586
  • Stavros Anthony — 76,576

The county is investigating why they found the discrepancy. A court case about the election remains underway. A judge is weighing Anthony’s request for a new election.