LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The former executive director of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers is calling out Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt for campaigning off unfounded claims of voter fraud.

Rick McCann said no candidate should try to fundraise off false reports of fraud.

Laxalt filed several lawsuits, claiming there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Judges threw all the lawsuits out of court, citing a lack of evidence.

The former attorney general also suggested widespread voter fraud during a post-election news conference in November 2020.

“Many of these votes were improperly cast,” Laxalt said, pointing to unfounded claims from the Trump campaign team, including that more than 15,000 people voted both in Nevada and another state, as well as voters who are listed as “dead” cast ballots.

“We had a lot of improper ballots being mailed to peoples’ homes and apartment buildings,” he said.

McCann said those lies eventually culminated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which injured several police officers. In the days and weeks after Jan. 6, five police officers died, including four who died by suicide.

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt speaks during a news conference outside of the Clark County Election Department, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020, in North Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

“When you’re using a situation that has become the catalyst for death and destruction for law enforcement, which I have represented for decades, I take umbrage to that,” McCann said. “I get very appalled when I see that.”

McCann said he was not endorsing any candidate; however, he called the spread of misinformation and threats to police unacceptable.

Laxalt’s campaign responded to a request for comment by providing a statement from retired law enforcement officer and Republican Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill.

“Adam Laxalt is a true, trusted and consistent ally of our law enforcement community in Nevada,” the statement said, in part. “Retired cops like myself are extremely grateful for Adam. He was elected by Nevadans to be our top law enforcement officer because of his fierce and unwavering loyalty to our brave men and women in blue.”

Laxalt faces a Republican primary in June.