LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The first ballots arrive as rain pours down at Clark County Election Department headquarters. Election workers go about their tasks as media members look on. The stage is set for a long night as Nevada remains the only state in the Lower 48 without any results posted.

Duncan Phenix of 8 News Now was on hand as election night unfolded at the Election Department’s warehouse in North Las Vegas. Here are some of his photos.

Ballots will be counted into the night, but mail ballots postmarked as late as Nov. 8 will still need to be received, processed and counted. Mail ballots that were dropped off at polling places today were not immediately processed, election officials said earlier Tuesday.

With those ballots outstanding, close election races could remain in question as the remaining ballots make it through the system.

But tonight, workers are at the North Las Vegas site, ready to handle the job as more ballot boxes arrive.