LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada voters will head to the polls to cast their ballot for the general elections on November 8.

Joe Gloria the Clark County Registrar of Voters gave 8 News Now a behind-the-scenes tour at election headquarters and showed the areas where ballots are sorted, and signatures are verified.

Gloria told 8 News Now’s Vanessa Murphy that Clark County has enhanced its equipment in order to efficiently handle the number of ballots they will be required to deal with due to the all mail process.

“Our processes have been solid in mail for a long time so, the audits and everything that we’ve run and that are statutorily required, those aren’t new. We continue to do what we’ve been doing for years to uphold the integrity of our process,” he said.

Gloria also touched on the topic of mail ballot security and the verification process behind it.

“We use the signature as a check for identity on all of those ballots. It runs through our mail ballot processing machine,” he said. “The software verifies some of those signatures and then it goes to a manual signature verification process and if it fails there, it then goes to the cure, which means that voters will be contacted. If we have an email or phone number, we contact them through that and also through the mail.”

Gloria also spoke on the physical security that takes place at election headquarters.

“We have our security cameras up so we’re being monitored by the LVMPD Fusion Center so they can see what’s going on here. We also have increased security as far as private security guards who come online and once we start processing mail, we’ll also have law enforcement here to help us in reinforcing the quiet here to make sure that we’re able to process ballots,” he added. “We take security very seriously not just here but also out at the polls so we have a large staff that’s available in the field to assist anybody in the field for early voting or election day as well.”

Clark County voters looking to track the status of their mail or absentee ballot can use a “track my ballot” feature online.

The entirety of the interview with Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria is provided at the top of this article.