Early Voting: How the process works ahead of the Nevada caucus


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada caucus is eight days away, and early voting is tomorrow. 8 News Now viewers have been reaching out with questions about how the caucus works, and the I-Team has answers.

If you want to participate in early voting, you need to be at least 18-years-old on election day in November. Because of this, some 17-year-olds will be able to participate in tomorrow’s event.

Voters can register on the spot and need to be a registered Democrat. If you aren’t, you can register for that onsite, as well.

Following registration, you choose your top three to five candidates. The Nevada Democrats say they will incorporate those votes on Feb. 22, caucus day.

If you vote early, you do not need to participate in caucus day.

“There’s no excuse not to be able to vote because you have early voting and you have the caucus,” said voter Pearl Alers, “so I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to being able to vote early.”

Voter Norman McLeod noted, “It’s convenient. Something could come up. I could have an emergency that might not allow me to make it. Ya know, early voting, like I said, it’s convenient, and I prefer that anyway.”

The I-Team has reported on how the Nevada Democrats had to switch gears in less than three weeks after the app they planned on using failed in the Iowa caucus. We’ve also reported on their new plan, the caucus calculator and Google form they now plan on using.

To find your early voting site, click here. You can type in your home address and find out the location closest to where you live. You can also find a complete list of all the early voting locations.

You can early vote at any of the locations, but for caucus day, you must go to your assigned precinct.

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