Culinary Union flyer sparks responses from Sanders, Warren campaigns


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s caucus is 10 days away, and early voting is three. While all eyes are on us, things are heating up between one candidate and the culinary union.

The I-Team looked at what both sides are saying.

The culinary union is the state’s largest union with about 60,000 members. It’s powerful and influential and could play a major part in the caucus.

While the union hasn’t endorsed any presidential hopefuls, members are being warned about Senator Bernie Sanders.

The union distributed a flyer to its members listing the presidential hopefuls, along with President Donald Trump and their stances on healthcare, jobs and immigration.

For Senator Bernie Sanders, it reads “end culinary healthcare.” For Senator Elizabeth Warren, it says “Medicare for all.”

These two views would not be popular with culinary union members who have a private health care plan.

Warren responded to the union via Twitter, saying:

“No one should attack Culinary 226 and its members for fighting hard for themselves and their families. LIke them, I want to see every American get high-quality and affordable health care, and I’m committed to working with them to achieve that goal.”

Sanders’ Nevada campaign director released a statement which reads in part:

“We will guarantee that coverage is as comprehensive or more so than the health care benefits union workers currently receive …”

This afternoon, the head of the culinary union issued a statement in response to Sanders, which reads in part:

“Our union has provided facts on what certain healthcare proposals might do to take away the system of care we have built over eight decades.”

The union leader also said “it’s disappointing that Senator Sanders’ supporters have viciously attacked the Culinary Union, seemingly in response to the flyer they issued.

Senator Amy Klobuchar Tweeted her support for the union, saying:

“I stand with Culinary 226, and let’s be clear: attacks on the union are unacceptable. I come from a family of proud union members, and I know when unions are strong, America is strong.”

For the full statements, click here.

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