Clark County judge denies lawsuit requesting new statewide election


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Clark County judge denied a request Friday to deem Nevada’s mail-in voting law unconstitutional and call for a new election.

The Election Integrity Project had submitted an emergency request for the election to be thrown out, citing allegations of voter fraud and illegal voting. Joel Hanson, the lawyer for the group, cited thousands of cases where people who no longer live in Nevada registered to vote in the state.

Judge Gloria Sturman said those voters may live out of state temporarily. She said it was in the public interest to keep elected officers in office and that the court has to presume people voted legally until proven otherwise.

“We’re going to throw out an entire election and have everybody run for office all over again simply because somebody voted who had moved — I’m just really struggling with why on an emergency basis we would throw out an election,” she said.

Sturman also cited her own race, adding if she threw out the election, she may not have a job on Jan. 1. Nevada elects judges, and Sturman won her uncontested race.

“An attempt to throw out the entire election and the legal votes of hundreds of thousands of Nevadans without legal justification undermines our election process and our democracy,” Attorney General Aaron Ford said in a statement. “Assembly Bill 4 was enacted because of the coronavirus pandemic and proved to be successful in allowing thousands of citizens to vote and limit their potential exposure to the virus. All evidence shows that Nevada’s election was fair, safe, and secure, and time and again, the Court has agreed. Nevadans voted and chose their president-elect. It’s time to move on.”

The case was not dismissed and future hearings could be scheduled.

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