LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County commissioners unanimously voted Friday to certify the results of last week’s election as a county review found several people attempted to vote twice.

The county canvas, or certification process, is required under state law to occur 10 days after the election.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria, who signaled during the Friday canvas that the 2022 election would be his last, said his office found 629 discrepancies following the election.

Out of 683,687 votes, 351 voters left a voting machine without voting, 128 voted at the wrong precinct and 150 votes were added and then removed from the total due to reactivated voting cards, Gloria said.

The 629 discrepancies did not alter any race in Clark County, Gloria said.

“All systems were found to be 100 accurate in the processing of votes and mail-in ballots,” Gloria said.

Out of 5,539 provision ballots, nearly 5,000 were verified, Gloria said. Out of those provisional ballots, 726 ballots were not eligible to be counted, Gloria said.

Seven people who attempted to vote with a provisional ballot had already voted, Gloria said. Nearly 100 people who attempted to vote with a provisional ballot did not provide adequate proof of a Clark County residence.

The Clark County election results will be sent to the Secretary of State’s Office. The Nevada Supreme Court has the next task of certifying the statewide vote.

As the 8 News Now Investigators first reported this summer, an independent audit of the Clark County Election Department found no issues regarding how Nevada’s largest county processes mail-in ballots — from their creation to their tabulation.

Before and after the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump and state Republicans cited widespread voter fraud, specifically in Clark County. The fraud allegations culminated with the Nevada Republican Party sending certificates from its own slate of electors to the federal government in Washington.

It was unclear Friday if the Nevada Attorney General’s Office would prosecute any of the attempted voter fraud cases.