LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Republican lawmakers in the Nevada Assembly say Democrats are interfering with their ability to communicate by insisting on virtual-only meetings as committee rooms remain locked.

The Nevada Legislature Freedom Caucus — a group of six Republican Assembly members that formed this year — on Wednesday called on Assembly leaders to allow Assembly members to have access to the committee rooms.

Some areas of the building have been shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is absolutely no justifiable reason why we can’t open those committee rooms and observe the same occupancy limits and distancing rules that are currently in place across our state, yet Democrats continue to enforce restrictions on our ability to meet in person and work together,” said Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, the Chairman of the Freedom Caucus.

A Freedom Caucus news release said the rooms remain locked “at the direction of the Democrat majority, preventing members of those committees from meeting in person and forcing them to instead participate remotely from their individual offices.”

“Holding virtual-only committee meetings has significantly limited the effectiveness and efficiency of those meetings in the first few days of the Session, which does a great disservice to the people of Nevada,” according to the release.

Members of the caucus are: Wheeler, John Ellison, Jill Dickman, Richard McArthur, P.K. O’Neill and Andy Matthews. McArthur and Matthews represent Assembly districts in Clark County.