LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The number of active registered voters in Nevada dropped by 1.04% over the past month, according to the Nevada Secretary of State.

Voter registration counts from July 2022 indicate 19,077 fewer active registered voters compared to June 2022, a news release from the office of Barbara Cegavske indicates. Overall, there are 1,818,886 active registered voters in the state. Here’s how the numbers currently break down by party:

  • 598,542 are Democrats (32.91%)
  • 547,842 are Republicans (30.12%)
  • 530,941 are Nonpartisan (29.19%)
  • 78,341 are members of the Independent American Party (4.31%)
  • 16,121 are members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (0.89%)
  • 47,099 are members of other minor political parties (2.59%)

Democrats saw the biggest drop in sheer numbers (9,353), while Republicans saw the second-most (8,702). By percentage, Republicans declined 1.56% and Democrats dropped by 1.54%.

Nonpartisan voters actually increased, growing by 0.43% (2,254).

Smaller parties lost numbers, with Independent American Party supporters dropping 1.37% (1,088) and Libertarian Party of Nevada dropping 2.82% (468). Active registered voters from a compilation of “other” minor political parties decreased by 3.52% (1,720).