LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three Republicans who crossed party lines and endorsed Democratic Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford in his reelection bid are suing the Nevada GOP’s executive director for defamation.

Jason Guinasso, an attorney and former Republican candidate; Elliot Malin, a Republican lobbyist; and Amy Tarkanian, the former Nevada GOP chairwoman, filed the lawsuit in Clark County district court on Friday, records showed.

In September, the Clark County Republican Central Committee held a meeting, according to the lawsuit, “that was attended by dozens of [committee] members and guests” and “was live-streamed on social media.”

The lawsuit names Alida Benson, the executive director of the Nevada Republican Party, and James Blockey, a man who attended the meeting. A resolution was proposed at the meeting to censure the three plaintiffs, the lawsuit said.

“The resolution, if passed, would indefinitely censure these certain individuals, including, but not limited to, plaintiffs, and bar them from any and all involvement in the [Clark County Republican Central Committee] including membership, standard or honorary, guest, or proxy, among other such supposed penalties,” the lawsuit said.

During the meeting, Benson reportedly said, “Chuck Muth is not fundraising for Democrats, like Amy Tarkanian and Elliot Malin, who are personally profiting by supporting Aaron Ford,” the lawsuit said. Ford is the Democratic Nevada Attorney General.

Benson is also quoted in the lawsuit as saying, “the people who are mentioned in the [resolution] are actively making money and campaigning for Democrats[.]”

“A few minutes after defendant Benson spoke, and during discussion or debate of the resolution, defendant Blockey made the following false and defamatory statement: ‘these people [named in the resolution] are paying to get Democrats [elected]… they are working for Democrats, getting paid… it’s like being a campaign manager for [Democrats],'” the lawsuit said.

Because of the comments, Guinasso, Malin and Tarkanian claim they have had to hire lawyers to fight the backlash, the lawyers said.

Ford’s opponent, Sigal Chattah, is a Las Vegas-based lawyer.

“Nevada Republicans are not represented in any way, shape, or form by the group of grifters led by Roberson, Tarkanian, and Guinasso, whose political history makes their names synonymous with failure, and makes these cries for relevance all the more pathetic,” the Nevada GOP wrote in a news release earlier this year. “The Nevada Republican Party fully supports Sigal Chattah, a first-generation immigrant and American success story. While Democrats have turned our state into an unaffordable two-tiered system where only those who pay-to-play prosper, Sigal will return integrity and justice to the Office of the Attorney General, and continue to fight for all Nevadans. Every voter who supports equal rights and equal treatment under the law has an ally in Sigal Chattah.”

8 News Now reached out to the Nevada GOP for comment on the lawsuit.