Police: Woman killed jumping from stolen vehicle


One woman is dead after jumping from a stolen truck Friday morning on E. Cheyenne Avenue near Nellis Boulevard, Metro Police said.

Police said the incident started around 7 a.m. when a person reported a work truck being stolen.  Police said in all; there were three people inside the truck.  They said the driver of the truck started driving recklessly after spotting the patrol car.

“They began trying to weave through traffic to get away from patrol officers, but at no time did police officers activate their lights,” said Sgt. Richard Strader, Metro Police.

As the driver of the truck made a right turn from Cheyenne Avenue onto Lamont Street, a man and woman jumped from the truck. The woman was struck and killed by the rear wheels of the truck.

Witnesses say the crash sounded like a loud bang.

“It went bam, and I was like oh my gosh,” according to Amber Adams, a witness to the accident!” “My dog stopped, and she was freaked out.”

Metro Police says the person suspected of driving the stolen work truck ran from officers after he slammed through the wall of an apartment complex but was caught by police and placed under arrest.

“I watched this guy bail down the highway up on the sidewalk not to hit this truck here,” said Adams.

The other suspect who jumped out of the vehicle was also caught buy officers.

Cheyenne Avenue was closed between Nellis Boulevard and Marion Drive for hours.

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