Police release video in man’s shooting death in June


A public police fatality review Monday shared new video from an officer-involved shooting death in June.

Francisco Suarez, 27, was shot by Metro officers in a shootout in a neighborhood near Owens Avenue and Mount Hood Street.

Police say Suarez fired seven rounds at officers on June 1, 2017. In all, four officers fired 29 rounds. Three hit Suarez.

The hearing focused on the details leading up to the shooting including the time before officers arrived after Suarez argued with his girlfriend at a BBQ and left the home armed. Moments that were captured on their Ring door camera.

After Suarez fired his rounds into the air, he drove away from the east Las Vegas home on Eddingham Court. Witnesses say he threatened to kill himself that night and his girlfriend told police that he threatened to shoot at police.

When he came back to the home, police were waiting for him. Suarez remained in his truck ignoring officers repeated requests to cooperate and leave the vehicle.

Through body cameras worn by the officers, officers can be heard trying to coax Suarez out of the vehicle before gunfire breaks out.

“It’s not the end of the line for you. No, it’s not. Have you done anything to hurt anybody? No, you haven’t hurt anybody.”

During the investigation, officers found holsters and ammunition inside the home as well as a handgun in Suarez’s left hand, a rifle in the passenger seat and an additional 200 rounds inside the truck.

Officials acknowledged that there were some witnesses who say they didn’t see Suarez fire his weapon but also several who did see him fire. And all of the officers involved say they feared for their lives or the lives of other officers that night. 

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