Police: Man shot dead threw ax at officer who fired


Police in Las Vegas say 62-year-old Steven Price, who was shot and killed by a patrol officer over the weekend, attacked a security guard with a shovel and threw an ax-type tool toward the officer, but missed.

Metro Police said it all unfolded on May 6, at around 11:07 p.m.  at a home located in the 5200 block of Shreve Avenue near N. Nellis Boulevard.

A security guard reported that Price was armed with a shovel and was threatening him with it. A resident who also called the police described the suspect as acting erratically and was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Officers arrived at the residence and made contact with the male suspect, Price, who was allegedly leaning out of a second-story window yelling at them.  Price came outside and confronted officers with a large pickaxe in one hand and a small hatchet in the other.

Both officers gave Price verbal commands to drop the weapons, but he failed to do it, so one of the officers fired two rounds from a department issued less than lethal shotgun, striking him twice, Metro said.

The rounds were ineffective, and Price then started to throw a hatchet toward towards Officer Matthew Terry. Officer Terry fired multiple rounds at Price striking him several times but that didn’t stop him.

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Price then heaved a long-handled pickax toward another police officer who fired two “beanbag” shotgun rounds at Price seconds before the fatal shots were fired.

McMahill aired police body camera recordings of Price shouting from a second-story window and ignoring commands to drop the work tools when he emerged late Saturday from his modest two-story home in a gated community northeast of downtown.

McMahill says Officer Matthew Terry fired 13 shots, and Price was struck nine times.

McMahill says no one else was injured.

This is the 5th officer involved shooting for 2017

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