Police: Fleeing suspect’s gun may be in northeast Vegas neighborhood


A fleeing suspect, who was shot at by a Metro Police officer, may have disposed of his gun while hiding from police in a northeast neighborhood.

Metro Officer Brent Horlacher, 28, fired one shot at Jessie Murillo on Friday, June 29. The shot missed Murillo. Officer Horlacher was pursuing Murillo and said Murillo pointed a gun at him as he was going over a wall.

During a news conference Monday, Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said, Officer Horlacher attempted to make a vehicle stop on Murillo when he noticed the license plates didn’t match the vehicle. Hank said, Murillo attempted to flee the scene but had an accident and ran away from the vehicle which caused the officer to chase him.

“Officer Horlacher caught up to Murillo as he jumped up to a wall separating the two houses, Murillo turned back towards Officer Horlacher and pointed a handgun in his direction. Officer Horlacher fired one round which impacted the block wall,” Assistant Sheriff Hank said.

Police did locate Murillo later in the evening in the neighborhood but did not find his weapon. They say, if he did have a weapon, he could have hid it in the neighborhood.

“We located numerous pieces of his clothing in various yards throughout that neighborhood so that is a tremendous concern for us.”

Police have reached out to the citizens in that neighborhood to alert them of the possibility of a gun being hidden in the neighborhood. There are concerns a child could find the weapon.

According to police, Murillo is a five times convicted felon and is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle and felony evading.

Officer Horlacher did not activate his body camera. Metro is looking into if there was a malfunction or if he failed to turn it on.

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