Police eyeball lone wolf threats after suspected terrorist arrest


The suspected terrorist taken down by law enforcement this week in Las Vegas had been on Metro Police’s radar, according to the sheriff.

Nicolai Mork remains behind bars with a staggering eight million dollar bail keeping him in jail.

The neighborhood where police took Mork into custody is working to get back to normal. The house he was living in is partially boarded up after police collected evidence after arresting Mork.

Sheriff Lombardo says his officers are sometimes put in difficult situations when dealing with suspects like Mork. According to court documents, Mork had hundreds of pounds of explosive material stashed away and had intentions to set them off around the valley. Lombardo says the suspect had caught the attention of Metro Police.

“He was on our radar, I’ll leave it at that,” Lombardo said.

The sheriff says his department is sometimes put in a difficult position when officers believe someone is up to no good.

“It’s frustrating because you get some cases that you compromise when you are charging individuals, you know they are up to bigger things,” Lombardo said. “And you attempt to develop your cases along the way but eventually it came to a point where this individual needed to be taken into custody.”

Some neighbors are relieved police finally took down Mork. The threat got too close for comfort for homeowners.

“That’s where the explosives had been sitting and it was dripping,” neighbor Debra Zabala said. “We were in shock 40 who would want to, you know, catch out house on fire.”

Zabala believes the suspect set off small explosives at her home.

Lombardo has his officers’ look out for lone wolf threats and says terror groups are pushing their followers to become more assertive.

“They are asking people to go low tech, asking them to do harm without complication or a long contracted operation and that has as much effect on a big one,” Lombardo said.

With Las Vegas a world renowned city, Lombardo says his officers aren’t taking a break one bit looking out for potential dangerous people knowing there could be more out there like Mork.

“Hopefully we took an individual off the streets that had intent to cause larger harm,” Lombardo added.

Something that likely helped in the case are tips authorities received from the public about suspicious activity. Metro Police can’t stress it enough if you see something that just doesn’t look right, report it.

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