Update: After nearly 3 hours, police have taken Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles into custody. He was transported via ambulance from the residence. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening self-inflicted wounds.

Robert Telles arrives at UMC following a barricade at his home with police (KLAS)

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo will be providing an update on the investigation at 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas police confirm a search warrant was served Wednesday morning at the home of Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles who has been the focus of recent investigative stories by reporter Jeff German.

Police spent much of Wednesday at Telles’ home which is located near Charleston Boulevard and Hualapai Way. Officers left the home around 2 p.m. and Telles returned shortly after wearing a white paper suit. Sources told 8 News Now that Telles had been with investigators.

At around 4 p.m., Metro officers returned to Telles’ home and knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Officers then began pushing media crews further away from the house, taping off more of the area.

In the early afternoon, Telles’ SUV was towed away by police.

German, 69, an investigative reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, was found stabbed to death outside of his home on Saturday morning, Sept. 3. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said he was killed on Friday morning but not discovered until the next day.

Police released video and images of the suspect and said it appeared he was casing German’s neighborhood. They also released the suspect’s possible vehicle. It’s described as a 2007 – 2014 red or maroon GMC Yukon Denali with chrome handles, a sunroof, and a luggage rack. The vehicle that police removed from Telles’ home is similar.

German had reported in May on the turmoil in the public administrator’s office which was headed up by Telles. There were “allegations of emotional stress, bullying and favoritism leading to secret videotaping of the boss and a co-worker outside the office,” according to German’s story on May 16.

Telles, a Democrat, lost his re-election bid in June’s primary after the stories were published. Rita Reid, the assistant administrator, won and will take over the office at the start of next year. It’s clear from statements by Telles on his campaign website that he felt German’s stories had harmed him.

On Telles’ Twitter feed, there are several posts where he refers to German. In one tweet on June 18, he wrote:

“Looking forward to lying smear piece #4 by @JGermanRJ. #onetrickpony I think he’s mad that I haven’t crawled into a hole and died. 😂 @LVRJ #LasVegas”

In another tweet on the same day, he wrote:

“Wife hears rustling in the trash* Her: “Honey, is there a wild animal in the trash?” Me: “No, dear. Look like it’s @JGermanRJ going through our trash for his 4th story on me.” Oh, Jeff… 😂 @LVRJ #LasVegas

German had spend the past four decades working as an investigative journalist in the Las Vegas valley. He first worked for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper and then started working for the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2010.