It’s official: Plans to build a new, high-tech entertainment arena near the Las Vegas Strip are moving forward.

Details about the MSG Sphere were revealed in a filing with the securities and exchange commission this week.

The Madison Square Garden Company signed a deal with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, to lease the land near the Venetian and the Palazzo, which is where the venue will be built.

The MSG Sphere will be built near this area of the Strip behind me, and there’s a lot of excitement across Las Vegas about this futuristic music venue.

“Las Vegas, we always want to do bigger and better things,” said Eric Petersen, Las Vegas resident.

The MSG Sphere is bigger, better, and rounder.

“If it’s an event that I’m interested in or a concert or something, sure, I’d go,” Petersen said.  “The sphere shape being lit up, like it is or whatever. People are going to want to go to it”

The MSG Sphere will seat more than 18,000 people. It’s expected to set the new standard of how technology interacts with performance.

The world’s largest LED screen, at 170,000 square-feet, will wrap around the inside, while beam-forming technology will make sure everyone gets crystal-clear sound.

“It seems pretty exciting,” said Ashley Demchak, who is visiting from Oregon.  “I’d be willing to check it out. My husband and I are really into the new, techy stuff, so seeing something like that, that would be really cool.”

“It seems like it’s actually really hard to stand out on the Strip with a new building, unless you really go super futuristic, and it looks like that’s actually going to stand out really well especially around the Venetian,” Demchak said.

Madison Square Garden has 18-months to start construction work and needs to complete the project within three years from then.

Tourists say they’ll be waiting.

“Well, I mean, we definitely plan on coming back, so we’ll have to keep our eyes open,” said Demchak.

Officials with Madison Square Garden say they hope to have the venue open by the end of 2020.  They’ll receive $75 million in funding from the Sands Corporation.

A total of 3,500 local construction jobs are expected to be created each year.