A couple is devastated after losing their dog China to a swarm of bees.

Rose, who didn’t want to give her last name, says she tried to get China inside her home, but the bees were too aggressive.

The attack happened on Friday evening in the area of Eastern Avenue and Robindale Road. Rose says the bees came out of nowhere and the attack happened very quickly. 

“We just got attacked by bees. Hundreds of them. I don’t know where they came from,” Rose said. 

The bees didn’t just go after China. They also attacked Rose and her husband.

“I’m not sure how many times we were stung, but we were literally covered head to toe,” Rose said.

Firefighters with the Clark County Fire Department arrived on scene and sprang into action.

“Our primary objective when we are responding to an event like that is to make sure that the scene is safe,” said Battalion Chief Jon Wiercinski, Clark County Fire Department.  

Typically, firefighters use a foam spray to stop bees if they pose an immediate threat to people and animals.

If the bees are not a threat, Wiercinski says they try not to disturb the insects.

“Generally, bees are transient. They are only going to be there for an hour or two, maybe a day or two at a time. They are going to move, so it’s not our sole purpose to eradicate the bees,” Wiercinski said. 

In the case of Friday’s attack, firefighters had to move fast to get rid of the bees. Rose says the swarm was massive and wouldn’t go away.

“We were just getting attacked by bees, and our neighbor across the street tried to hose us down and get the bees off, but it wouldn’t help, and then they started attacking him,” Rose said. 

Rose is thankful she’s now out of the hospital after getting treated for bee stings but is still in shock after losing China in such a terrible way.

“You never imagine you will be in that position. It feels like a movie in a way,” Rose said. 

Rose and her husband say they are thankful for their neighbor who tried to help them during the attack. The couple is also glad no kids were around at the time.

If you get attacked by bees, firefighters say you should remove your clothing and scrape off the stingers with a credit card or fingernail.

They warn not to pull them out.