Person pulled from home in 2-alarm fire near Jones and Washington


Firefighters pulled a person from a burning home while they battled a blaze that traveled to a second home Thursday.

The fire began around 11:45 a.m. in the area of Washington Avenue and Jones Boulevard. 

A motorcycle in a backyard caught fire which spread to a home and then spread to another home, according to officials with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. 

The homeowner, Joseph Bianchino, says teh mailman first noticed the smoke and informed him about the fire.

Bianchino says he wanted to put out the flames but was concerned about the motorcycle’s gas tank exploding.

Bianchino attempted to alert his renter who not only lives downstairs but is hearing impaired. The thick smoke prevented him from getting the man out. Firefighters were able to save the man.

The man was transported to the hospital with a small burn on his hand as well as smoke inhalation but it expected to be OK.

Bianchino says the experience could have been much worse.

“If it wasn’t for the mailman, I would have never known. I would have been caught in the house. It’s traumatic and I’ve got medical problems too,” he said.

Roughly 60 firefighters responded to the blaze. They say strong winds played a factor in causing the fire to spread to the neighbor’s home.

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