UPDATE 5/24/22: Emily Ikuta has entered a guilty plea in connection to the murder of her husband. Her sentencing date is scheduled for August 3.

UPDATE 5/28/21: Emily Ikuta, who is charged with open murder in connection with the death of her husband, pleaded not guilty in court Friday.

She is due back in court on June 11.


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man who was shot to death in his home last week had a live chat session active on his computer, and police arrested his wife after investigating her claims about his death, according to a police report.

The person he was chatting with heard what was going on in the background as the man died.

Emily Ikuta, 37, faces an open murder charge in the death of her husband, Jourell Ng.

Ng died on the night of March 22 of an apparent gunshot wound in the couple’s apartment in the 9000 block of Katie Avenue, near South Hualapai Way and West Twain Avenue in the southwest valley.

Emily Ikuta (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

When Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers arrived on the scene, Ikuta told police she returned from walking the dog and found Ng on the floor with a gun next to him, and she had called 911.

During the investigation, inconsistencies surfaced between physical evidence and Ikuta’s account, according to a declaration of warrant/summons report from Metro police.

According to the report, “Detectives were contacted by a subject who stated they were on a live chat with Ng during the time of his murder. During the interview with the subject, they informed detectives they heard Ng’s dog barking in the background of the call, prior to hearing a slapping noise, they believed was a gunshot. Following the slapping noise, they heard Ng yelp, followed by silence. The subject then did not hear anything from Ng following hearing the noise until 2305 hours when they began to hear his dog barking again.”

No more information about the person on the live chat was provided by police.

A neighbor told police there was a loud argument coming from Ng’s apartment between a man and a woman before there was a loud noise. The arguing immediately stopped.

Police also found information that cast doubt on Ikuta’s claim that Ng probably shot himself while cleaning his handgun. She said she had put away the gun when she found it on the floor. According to the police report, none of the tools for cleaning a gun had been disturbed. Police also noted that the gun had been locked in a closet when they arrived.

Evidence showed the angle of the gunshot wound didn’t fit the suggestion that he was cleaning the gun at the time, police said.

Police also said there was not as much blood on the floor as would be expected if Ikuta had found Ng face down on the floor, as she claimed.

According to the report, detectives were later contacted by Ng’s brother. Ikuta had contacted the family to tell them he had died, but failed to tell them that he was shot.

Police also found surveillance video from a nearby Ring camera that conflicted with Ikuta’s claim that she had been out walking the dog before finding they body.