PD: Officer dragged by driver during traffic stop


A Metro Police officer is recovering after getting dragged by a suspect.

It happened around 1:45 p.m. on Desert Inn Road and S. Decatur Boulevard. 

According to Metro, officers were unable to identify the woman so they asked her to step out of the car.  One officer was on the driver’s side and the other was on the passenger side of the woman’s car.

Police said when the officer on the passenger side of her car tried pulling the keys out of the ignition, the woman took off dragging the officer that was on the driver side.

The officer was dragged for a short distance, and suffered some minor abrasions and road rash, police said.

The driver’s car was stopped once again at at the intersection of Sahara Avenue and Arville Street.  Police said she still tried to take off and rammed a patrol car behind her, but another officer busted her car window and took her into custody.

Metro said it’s unclear why the driver took off in the first place.

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