Local police are investigating whether a man who was shot and killed during an alleged attack on a prostitute in West Virginia also has ties to four unsolved murders in Las Vegas.

The prostitute shot and killed Neal Falls, 45, last Saturday in Charleston, West Virginia, according to police.  Officers said Falls hired the woman from the website Backpage.com. 

Police said Falls tried to strangle the woman before she shot and killed him.

“There’s a lady in the alley here. She’s saying that some guy tried to rape her, and she had to defend herself, and she shot him. She was in the kitchen,” a person told police during the 911 call. 
“He pulled a gun on me,” the prostitute said on the 911 tape.
“I knew he was there to kill me. I could tell that he had already done something, because he said that he was going to prison for a long time, and that’s when I know that he was going to kill me,” she said.

The lead investigator handling the case in West Virginia said, due to the items found in Falls’ car, they suspect the attack against the West Virginian woman wasn’t the first time he had attacked someone. Officers say they found four sets of handcuffs, a bulletproof vest, shovels, axes, machetes, bleach, trash bags and knives.

“It’s pretty clear we needed to get information out to law enforcement across the country because of the nature of that attack, and because the man’s 45 years old. It’s unlikely that this would have been his first violent crime,” said Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Steve Cooper.

Falls rented a room from a home in Henderson from 2000 until 2008, but he left for a few months during that time.

During his time in Henderson, four women with connections to prostitution vanished.

Henderson Police say detectives are investigating if Falls had anything to do with the death of Lindsay Harris. Harris’ remains were found along a highway in Illinois weeks after she was reported missing. 

In 2003, Misty Saens’ dismembered remains were found along State Highway 159.

That same year, the body parts of Jodi Brewer were found in a desert area off of Interstate 15.

In 2006, Jessica Foster disappeared from North Las Vegas, but she has never been found.

“There’s never been a thought ever in my mind that my daughter was dead,” Jesse’s mother Glendene Grant said.

Grant says if DNA confirms Falls killed her daughter, his death could help her heal.

“That was not a human. He was more like a monster,” she said. “He got exactly what he had coming to him.”

A woman that 8 News NOW has decided to call “Jane” to protect her identity says she used to be Falls’ landlord and roommate.

“That’s not the Neal that I knew,” Jane said. “Crazy, just absolutely crazy. It just goes to show you that you just don’t ever really know somebody.”

Falls, so far, hasn’t been linked to the murders and disappearance in the Las Vegas valley. Police say he did not have an extensive criminal history, but was stopped in several states for traffic offenses.

In addition to Nevada and West Virginia, Falls has connections in Texas and Oregon.

Henderson Police say they are working with authorities in West Virginia. Metro Police say they also plan to do so. North Las Vegas Police could not provide additional information on this case.