Partnership will provide CCSD with training for reorganization


A plan is being rolled out to beef up training for Clark County education leaders.

On Wednesday, a partnership with the Las Vegas Sands was announced in which The Public Education Foundation will provide the necessary training for education leaders as Clark County prepares for its reorganization of the school district.

The training will focus on the requirements of the reorganization and how to implement them.

“The program will bring in outside experts and local business experts to work with our school associates and business partners to help them understand different ways of doing business and help them think outside of the box to help solve some of the problems we face everyday in the district,” said Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky.

This new model places more decision-making responsibilities in the hands of the school’s teachers, parents and principals.

It will grant the schools more freedom to make decisions typically determined by CCSD’s central office.

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