UPDATE: This article has been amended to correct issues with the original content. The Clark County School District did respond to 8 News Now’s request for comment. Officials from the district say the “Personal Technology and Communication Devices” policy has been in place and was last revised in 2013. Additionally, district officials say no such policy exists requiring students to turn over their devices in order to use the restroom. We apologize for the errors.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is some concern from some CCSD parents over their child’s access, or lack thereof, to their cell phones in class.

8 News Now visited schools today and spoke with parents about how these changes are affecting their children. 

“Now, we have no way of getting through.  That’s alarming to me,” said parent Deba Saporito.  

Saporito has a son who attends Las Vegas Academy, which requires students to put cell phones in a pouch at each classroom door. She’s afraid that makes it more difficult to get in touch with her son if she needs to.  

“If there’s an emergency, a family emergency, I want to be able to let him know.  Or if I can’t make it on time.  I want to be able to let him know,” said Saporito. 

CCSD only permits students to use phones during lunch and school-sponsored activities and can only use phones during class time with the principal’s say-so. The tight rules concern Saporito. 

“If I need to tell him something, I’d rather text it. I wouldn’t interrupt his class because he always has the phone off anyway.” 

Some other parents have a different perspective, because they would rather have their kids learning than being distracted. 

“I guess I kind of understand to keep the children focused during class,” said Erin McClendon, another parent. 

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I get it. But at the same time with the world that we live in today, I feel like something happens or whatever, they’ll be able to alert the parents.”