Parents at Goolsby Elementary hope petition will crack down on speeding drivers


Las Vegas valley parents spoke with 8 News NOW to voice their concerns about drivers, they say continuously speed through school zones putting students in the area in danger.

School zones around the valley are clearly marked with signs that show the speed limit, but parents with students attending Goolsby Elementary School say that that isn’t enough, so they hope that they can spark some change.

Every day during the dismissal a sea of students rush to their parents.

But they’re not the only ones rushing in the area. Goolsby Elementary School is located near the busy intersection of Desert Inn Road and the 215.

Amanda Macon says she’s turned to the school, school police, and Metro Police, so now she’s taking matters into her own hands.

“If I’m in the crosswalk and I see people speeding, I will just be like ‘please slow down, our children are here,'” said Macon.

Macon is banding together with parents from other schools in the valley to create a petition saying that the speeding in school zones needs to stop. 

She is hoping some changes will be made.

“That they would put up the flashing pedestrian signs and they would have the signs that show ‘slow,’  this is the speed limit when children are present, and it flashes your speed and people are aware.”

There are signs posted in the school zone already, which read 15 miles per hour while school is in session.  

According to Metro Police,  its a double penalty for speeders if they get caught.  With that said, it’s not possible for police to be present at all times. 

Officers say its best for drivers to be mindful, and for parents like Macon to talk to their children about how to stay safe while crossing the street. 

“It shouldn’t have to be a concern like ‘oh my goodness I almost got hit today;’ they shouldn’t have to think about that, and this shouldn’t happen especially if there are signs posted,” said Macon.

Macon says she’s keeping a record of the safety violations at her daughter’s school and working on getting a petition started to get more obvious signage in addition to the existing ones. 

Her hope is to have signs installed that show the speed cars are traveling at, and make drivers aware that they need to slow down. 

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