Parent, child reviews CCSD’s OnBoard school bus app


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new mobile app from the Clark County School District gives parents a way to keep an eye on their children as they go to school and return home. The CCSD OnBoard app has been available for about two weeks.

Here’s how it works: Once parents input their child’s student I.D. number and birth date into the app, they’ll be able to track their every move while they’re on the bus.

So how effective is it? 8 News NOW followed one family as they used the app to find out.

Ken Mayer and his daughter, Sofia, have been using the app since the start of the school year to wait for the bus.

“Gives you an ETA that it’ll be here in 26 minutes,” said Ken Mayer, uses CCSD OnBoard app.
“I actually do have some friends on the bus, and we, actually play some pretend games,” said Sofia, 3rd-grader.

According to Mayer, the app helps ease his mind.

“Sometimes you wonder whether it will be here or not,” Mayer said. “The main concern is when you’re standing out here waiting to go to work you want to make sure it’s coming, so you don’t have to make other plans to get your child to school. Now, with this app, we don’t have to worry as much about that.”
As helpful as the app is for Mayer, it is not without its hiccups, such as varying estimated arrival times. It’s more manual than he would like.
“The app needs to be refreshed a little bit now and then,” Mayer said.
“There are some learning curves,” said Michael Moore, Technical Support Manager, CCSD’s Transportation Department.
CCSD knows it’s got some work to do because one issue the district is dealing with is the bus driver shortage, which means routes are often combined and changed.
“Some of those routes aren’t being captured into the app,” Moore said.
However, upgrades, including a tablet-based tracking system are on the way.
“Once we switch to the tablets, the GPSs in those will be much more accurate and much more timely, because that’s really the way Uber does it,” said Moore.
Fun fact: The CCSD OnBoard app was actually inspired by a CCSD student, who during a capstone project wanted to create the app because she herself felt the bus was always late.

About 13,000 people use the OnBoard app. Look below or more information on how the app works and where you can get it.

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