In just days, Pope Francis arrives in the Untied States.

Many from around the area are anticipating the holy father’s arrival.

  “It’s a big thing to have the pope here on our land, on our ground. Sort of sanctifying the holy land of the United States” said Sean Scanlon.

  Pope Francis will say mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Pleasant Mount Resident Jim Biondo leaves today (Sunday)  for the week’s events. “I am very excited about it. I just am very excited about it actually. I’m going to participate in synod of the family all week. “

He also remembers stories of his father meeting Pope John Paul the second… “He said, when he saw the Pope, Pope John Paul at that time, that he melted. He could feel the presence of the Lord in the man. That’s something I’m looking forward to finding out myself and experiencing.

  Parishioners in St. Peter’s Cathedral believe Pope Francis will spread faith during his visit. 

 ” I feel like he brings a bigger picture to us all. Love is being the basis of Jesus’ message.” noted Cassandra Batichon “And how we can actually expand that love in what we do.”

“The openness, the open-mindness, the care that he has for the poor, the sick and the suffering. It’s beautiful. I wish I was able to attend.” added Scanlon.