Not a sports star or a movie star.
But still an idol to so many
  “I was always proud that we had a Polish Pope it was my heritage and my mother was one that met him, and we always enjoy that fact.” said Joan Yagelski

“We’re very lucky. We’re very lucky to have Pope John Paul and now Pope Francis.” said Elaine King
A massive statue outside the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Dickson City can be overwhelming for some. It immortalizes Pope John Paul the second and ahead of Pope Francis’s visit people compare the two men.
  “Both Saint John Paul II and Pope Francis really were able to engage the world. Especially young people, how they respond to their message, to their presence.” added Monsignor Patrick Pratico

In the presence of the statue and the man people feel a sense of smallness others a sense of fatherly love.
 Tozia Stachacz added  “It’s exciting and it’s wonderful. He’s bringing a lot of people together.. Catholics and Non Catholics alike I think.  “

Monsigner Patrick Pratico says it’s a great encouragement to Catholics around the country to have the pope in the United States.
   Pope Francis is scheduled to land in the US at 4:00 P.M.