Sunbury, Northumberland County – EMS departments are getting ready to assist the Philadelphia community as Pope Francis is in town.
Three of them being Berwick Ambulance, Union County West end and Americus Hose Company. 
The departments will be sending four EMT’s and Paramedic’s. Americus Hose Company had their Ambulance vehicle already to go Tuesday. 
The offer to assist millions came from the Pennsylvania Strike team. Making it a voluntary choice. “Now we’re still getting paid like we normally would but we’re the ones that said yeah we’ll go,” said EMT Aaron Godlewski. 
Out of the four at Americus, Godlewski and Vanessa Laisenring are excited for this opportunity. “We get to meet different people and what they do and how they do things,” said Godlewski. 
While Laisenring says it’s a once and life time opportunity. “The pope is not somebody that you get to see, except for on TV. IF we get to see them, that is really awesome but if we don’t we’re still there taking care of the different onlookers and anybody else living in the community.”
The department and the other three are expected to leave Friday and return Sunday.