The Las Vegas Paiute Indian Tribe is moving ahead with plans to build one of the largest medical marijuana facilities in Nevada.

The plans include at least two dispensaries and three huge greenhouses needed to grow the marijuana.

Once built, their facilities, which will include greenhouses larger than a couple of football fields. They will be bigger than any medical marijuana facility in Nevada, Arizona or Colorado.

Calling it an economic development plan, the Paiute plan to open two medical marijuana dispensaries. One will be near their existing Las Vegas smoke shop on Main Street.

The other, on the Paiute Snow Mountain campus in the northwest. There will also be the three 28,000 square foot greenhouses to grow the weed, a 10,000 square foot warehouse and kitchen to formulate it, and a stylish dispensary to sell it.

The tribe which has fewer than 100 members voted to move full-speed ahead.

“As you guys may or may not know, a few years ago, this would have been chuckled at,” said Benny Tso, tribal chairman. “I was shocked and surprised that the tribe overwhelmingly accepted and wanted to go forward with this venture.”

The Paiute are mixing business with tradition. 

They partnered with a company called Ultra Health who’s also in discussions with at least 20 other tribes in three different states who’re considering using their sovereign nation status to get into the medical marijuana business. They think Nevada is the hottest market in the country. 
“This facility is a large facility. It is as large as anything you’ll see in quality in Colorado, Arizona or New Mexico. This is a much larger facility, but again with your 43 million visitors here ultimately this may be one of the largest cannibus markets in the U.S.,” said Duke Rodriguez, Ultra Health. 

Rodriguez and the Paiutes aren’t worried about there being too many dispensaries here.

“Based upon the experience we have in Arizona and New Mexico, right now, you’re able to sell just about all the medical grade cannabis you can grow, there’s not been an overabundance.”

The Paiutes’ medical marijuana facilities will take between six and nine months to build, at a cost of roughly $5 million.

This is extra competition for all the other dispensaries, but the CEO of Ultra Health says he thinks there will be sufficient demand for every grower in the state.