Organizations ready to help with Hurricane Irma


It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Houston less than two weeks ago. The American Red Cross and Task Force 1 have had teams on the ground since then. Now, those teams are getting ready for Irma’s wrath.

The Red Cross was one of many organizations who sent volunteers from Nevada to deal with clean-up in Texas.

Volunteers like Rockee Nelson, saw homes that had been ripped apart and she and many others handed out shovels, clean up kits, ice, and water.

“You see the people lining up to pick up stuff from you cry because they’re in need,” Nelson said.

The damage from Harvey and the human toll was catastrophic.

Flooding was the major concern with Harvey. With Irma, storm surge and intense life-threatening wind could require a different type of response.

Nevada’s Task Force 1 sent 14 people to help rescue those trapped in flood waters in Texas. They know- Irma could send them out the door once again. 

“We’re excited to be able to represent Nevada as we go out the door. We believe that we bring a team that is highly trained and it’s an incredible resource that we have in the valley that goes out and truly represents Nevada in helping to save lives throughout the country,” said Jeff Lytle, Task Force Leader, Nevada Task Force 1.

And Red Cross volunteers said the same thing. Some are staying in Texas and just waiting to be sent to Florida. Others are coming home to Nevada for the time being, but they know once they get the call to be deployed to Florida, they’re ready to go and help deal with Irma.

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