ONLY ON 8: Woman learns where her estranged father has been all these years


Oneida Lewis-Baker is breathing a sigh of relief. She is pleased her father’s killer has finally been caught. She’s also learning more about where her estranged father has been all these years. 

26-year-old Joshua Castellon is accused of killing two homeless people. One of them was James Lewis. Police say they believe the shootings were random. Tips from the public helped the investigation. 

A photographer named David Harriman met James Lewis in 2016. Lewis told them that he worked at a convenience store for 7 years until they switched owners. He captured it on camera. 

“My name is James. Everybody calls me Pops. I’m 64 years old and I’ve been homeless for four years,” Lewis says in the video. 

Finally, Oneida Lewis-Baker has some answers. “I started to cry because he had aged so much since the last time I seen him,” said Lewis-Baker. The video shows where James Lewis slept every night. He lived underneath a bridge near 14th St. and U.S. 95. It’s also where he died. “I basically just stay to myself. I really don’t have any friends or anyone,” he says.

There isn’t a day that goes by that Lewis-Baker wishes she did more. “That hurt because he had me. He had my family… my grandparents,” she said. Lewis was a Vietnam vet. He was one of two homeless people killed three weeks ago. 

“I looked on the internet. I went to addresses. I came up cold,” said Lewis-Baker. “I would give anything to anyone and when it came to him… I would have gave my life.” Lewis-Baker said she started to cry when she heard that someone had been arrested for her father’s murder. “Now I have a face and a name to this person that has no disregard for anyone’s life.” she said.

Lewis-Baker says justice will be served when Castellon is locked away for good. Now, she’s planning her father’s funeral.  “Once you reach a certain age, nobody wants to hire you. So, that’s how you get homeless,” Lewis says. Lewis will be buried on Friday.

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