Only on 8: Surveillance video catches men trying to break into home


A terrifying attempted burglary that was caught on camera has turned out to be an important lesson for families and would-be thieves. 

Surveillance video sent exclusively to 8 News NOW caught two men trying to break into a home near Decatur and Smoke Ranch Road.
The video footage catches the pair in the act, as they’re about to barge into a home on Madre Mesa Drive.

One of the homeowners, Guadalupe Rodriguez, a wife, and a mother, was home alone when it happened.

“I wish I hadn’t been in the house,” Rodriguez said.

“Smile, you’re on camera,” is a sign posted right outside Rodriguez’s home.  And thank goodness it was.  Rodriguez says she feels lucky and grateful.

“I think God loves me a lot,” she said as she laughed.  “I was so afraid. I’ve never felt this before.”

The video shows the men were violent and unafraid.  One of them even pulled out a gun.  The other man picked up a rock and broke Rodriguez’s window.  Both were very brazen acts of the would-be burglars, but what they didn’t know realize is that this entire property was under surveillance.

“When I was coming out of the shower, I hear a big boom, and I ran out, and I saw all of the glass shattered and everything,” said Rodriguez.

The men fled when they heard Guadalupe scream. However, Rodriguez was deeply affected by the near break-in.

“Every morning I wake up with the same feeling, and I don’t think it’s right for anybody to wake up like this,” Rodriguez said.

Just two weeks ago, her daughter moved out of that same room.
She wonders what would’ve happened if she was still there.

“I don’t know what, all the glass, even the rock could have hit her or something,” said Rodriguez.

The duo didn’t get a way with anything valuable, but Rodriguez says they took her peace of mind.

“Maybe they didn’t steal anything from me… but they stole my tranquility,” she said.

Metro Police are urging homeowners and businesses owners to register their security cameras with a program called Vegas Safe Cam which allows detectives to identify suspects quicker in cases like Rosriguez’s.

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