A Las Vegas hotel room, an armed robbery, and O.J. Simpson: 10 years ago today, Sept. 13, 2007, this combination was the recipe to the highest of high profile armed robbery cases.

Simpson was convicted for his role in the crime, and now after nine years in prison, he will be paroled next month.

8 News NOW spoke exclusively with Simpson’s former business partner and friend Bruce Fromong.  Fromong was also the victim of the robbery that occurred at Palace Station 10 years ago.

The building where it happened is no more. Palace Station is going through renovations and has since been replaced with a gaping hole and a thin fortress of chain link fence, but it’s a site where lives changed forever.

“This time today, I was packing up a lot of photographs,” Fromong said.

Fromong has never been shy about his role in what happened.
He was the victim of an armed robbery of sports memorabilia, nd the main suspect was his friend, O.J. Simpson.

“I’m done with it,” Fromong said.  “I was done with it a long time ago.”

Simpson was convicted and sentenced to as many as 33 years in prison.  But, in July, he went before the parole board and pleaded his case, and he was granted parole after only serving nine years.
Fromong testified on Simpson’s behalf.  Simpson could get out as early as October, but there are still some loose ends that have to be tied up.

The Nevada Department of Corrections said it was still investigating Simpson’s release plan which is standard.

During his parole hearing, Simpson stated he wanted to move to Miami, Florida to be with his children.  Florida’s Corrections Department said it had not received any transfer request.

However, Nevada officials say it is likely Simpson will be transferred to High Desert Prison in Clark County first, then released.  They hope his release will be low-key.
Simpson is eligible to get out of prison Oct.1.  October 3 marks 22 years since he was acquitted of the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  That trial happened in Los Angeles in the 90’s.

“That’s the final chapter of that; then we start a new chapter,” Fromong said.

Fromong says he expects to see Simpson after his release and go back into business with him.

“I think we’ll end up working together again,” Fromong said.
“I’ve been offered $100,000 for his first signing already.”

8 News NOW reached out to Simpson’s attorney for information, but he did not return our calls.