ONLY ON 8: Mother of rape victim has questions about how CCSD handled case


As nearly 2 dozen charges move forward against Maysen Melton, the teen accused of raping multiple classmates, parents are questioning how CCSD handled the case.

A mother of one of the victims says, “I was devastated. More importantly, I wanted to be there for my daughter.”

The victim’s mother reveals the heartbreaking moment she learned some of the graphic details of what her daughter says she went through. She says, “it has been torture, absolute emotional torture.”

Melton faces 23 felony charges including forcing girls to have sex with him, while physically assaulting others and even making some girls send nude pictures to him only to use them as blackmail.

The victim’s mother was asked what it was like to see Melton in court and says, “it was heartbreaking and some of them had their moms there. Another had her boyfriend but to just see the sadness in their eyes, it just gave me goosebumps.”

Prosecutors say before Melton was charged as an adult, he completed a sex offender probation program in juvenile court prior to the crimes on the indictment.

The victim’s mother says, “if he has done this before, how did he have the opportunity, not only to get to my daughter but then all of these other victims?”

Parents want to know why Melton, who started out at Shadow Ridge was then enrolled at Palo Verde High School.

The victim’s mother says, “when you register your child for school, on the registration form, it asks you, has the child been expelled from school, how is this handled? If it says the child has been expelled, how does the school district look into that?”

The victim described how the school lacked discretion when investigating the case, explaining how multiple police officers came and got her out of class creating an embarrassing scene in front of classmates robbing her of anonymity.
CCSD says in a statement, “schools cannot concurrently conduct investigations into matters being handled by local law enforcement because that could impede or interfere with the law enforcement investigation.”

Melton will be arraigned Thursday in district court and if he is found guilty when the case goes to trial, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

CCSD sent 8 News Now the administrative process of discipline for offenses committed by a student on a school campus. CCSD says this is the administrative process that schools utilize; the criminal process is handled by police and the judicial system.

-When a student is referred for intermediate or long-term removal from a school (expulsion) they are entitled to due process, which includes a hearing if the parent requests.
-Pending the outcome of those proceedings, a determination is made on the appropriate course of action, which often includes removal from a comprehensive school to an alternative campus for a period of time.
-Provided the student serves the consequence (time away from their comprehensive school) without additional behavioral offenses, they are then allowed to enroll back to a comprehensive school, either their zoned school or another school. This decision is also based on the circumstances of the offense, the student’s residential address and where any victims attend school.

Nevada state law does not provide for an option to discontinue education of a student.

CCSD cannot comment on individual student disciplinary records. 

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