ONLY ON 8: Local survivors demand end to gun violence


They lived through one of Las Vegas’ darkest days. Now, they’re fighting to make sure it never happens again.

The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence has been around for a while. It’s a national organization that supports bipartisan efforts and according to its website, their goal it to create a safer America.

Christine Caria is the new president of the chapter in Las Vegas which held it’s first meeting Wednesday night. 

“We’re supposed to be the land of the free and when we can’t go to a church or a concert or to school without the fear of being killed we’re not living in the land of the free,” Caria said. 

Caria is also a survivor of the 1 October shooting. As she heals, Caria has fought tirelessly to make sure mass shootings aren’t the new norm.

“You have the right to bear arms. You have the right to protect your family. You have the right to hunt. But, we need to start focusing on making some changes that are going to make the world a little bit safer,” said Heather Gooze. 

This is the three-point plan that Caria and her team will focus on:

1. Strengthen the Brady background check system 
2. Ban assault weapons 
3. Enact extreme risk (ERPO) Laws 

ERPO laws allow police to temporarily remove a gun from people deemed a danger to themselves or others.

“We need to make changes and the changes are going to happen right now starting tonight,” said Gooze. “We cant stop it completely but we can lower the number. It’s in our hands. The power is there. So, why don’t we do it?”

Caria said, The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence will hold a meeting every month and plan to work directly with legislators to demand action. 

“We have to come to some compromises. No one wants to see their babies get killed,” said Caria.

Working directly with local leaders and demanding some sort of action, Caria said they will hold one of these gun violence meetings every month.

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