Oneida Lewis-Baker hadn’t heard from her father, 64-year-old James Lewis, for years.

Though their communication was basically non existent, Oneida never stopped searching for him.

“I looked for my dad for years and I couldn’t find him,” Lewis-Baker said.

It turns out, James lived in the same city as her and was the second homeless person killed last week. Two others were injured. 

Police believe their deaths may be connected.

“To watch someone drive twice by him, get out and shoot him like he didn’t have any loved ones, that was heartbreaking,” she said. 

A small memorial with candles now sits where Lewis was shot. In the surveillance video, a man gets out of an SUV at 4:15 a.m. early Friday morning, fires two shots at Lewis, and runs away.

There was no struggle and Lewis never even appeared to wake up.

“You took someone who served this country. You took a military veteran,” Lewis-Baker said. 

Lewis-Baker said her father served in the Air Force for eight years. She hopes that the person who shot him will do the right thing.

“Every life is precious. I don’t care if you’re homeless, your rich or your poor,” she said. “Every single life is precious and no one has the right to decide when your life is up.”

No arrests have been made in any of the murders.

Metro police ask that if you saw or heard anything to call Metro’s homicide section at 702-828-3521.

“It’s anger. It’s confusion. I’m just lost. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy,” Lewis-Baker said. “It’s more of a why. Why would you do that?”

The family has started a Go Fund Me link