Online grocery shopping grows in popularity and saves money


Grocery shopping: It’s a chore that most of us dread, so a lot of people are opting to shop online to save time and money.

“Right in the morning when I wake up I can enter all of my groceries in online,” said Kelsey Gunther, an online grocery shopper.  “I don’t have to take time out of my day to actually grocery shop.”

So what are the best deals and tips in the Las Vegas supermarket scene? 8 News NOW is on your side, so we explored.

Gunther says services like Smith’s Clicklist help her hold onto extra cash. 

Here’s how it works: The shopper picks her products online, and then she sets a time to drive down for a customized, in-car delivery. 

Smith’s and Kroger are just one of the dozens of people diving into the virtual food market. 

Smith’s store eCommerce manager Abbi Herrick says they also offer home delivery.  It’s all to keep every one of their customers.

“It helps us keep the customers coming to us,” Herrick said. “People that want that alternative can come to us and shop online and get all the products and services they may have gone somewhere else to get.”

Anyone who uses the app automatically gets digital deals. 

“Your card adds up as you add items to it,” Herrick said.  “Also there are specific digital coupons that save you additional money.”

Other sites like Google Shopping Express, Insta-Cart, Walmart Grocery and Costco also offer a great, online food check out. 

You also have options after you shop with rebate apps. 
Sites like Ibotta lets you upload a picture of your grocery receipt for refund money later. 

But experts say no matter your process, the main push for online options cuts down on those impulse buys. 

“I am not walking around the store looking for extra products that I don’t need,” Gunther said.  “I’m sticking to specifically what’s on my list.”

Gunther also says taking time to compare every single price is her key to big supermarket savings. 

“Whenever I save money on groceries that just means I can have a nicer dinner out on a Saturday night,” Gunther said. 

One important note: Online grocery sites usually require a flat fee for delivery.

Clicklist cost about $5, the first three are free, but they do provide incentives coupons that end up knocking off that $5.

Check out other online grocery sites and apps below:

For other online grocery options go here.

Consumer report about effectiveness of online grocery shopping

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