LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — To cut back on traffic and pollution, many organizations have advocated clean commuting, which is using public transportation, bikes, or electric vehicles. Now one local man is taking it a step further.

Alex Simon is the man behind ‘Zero to Epic,’ a movement to promote electric scooters and bikes as an alternative to cars for short trips.

“Why does it take an SUV to move a person for a mile or two? So micro mobile provides the solution,” Simon said.

Next month, Simon will embark on a 30 day, 3,000+ mile journey on his scooter to raise awareness. He will travel from Boston to the Oregon coast.

“I’ll be riding about 150 miles a day, on average give or take, and that’s about eight hours a day on a scooter,” Simon said.

Over time, Simon says many will use electric transportation out of necessity.

“There are more people moving into cities, so in the next decade or so, you’re going to see a lot more traffic, a lot more congestion, a lot more pollution, a lot more noise,” Simon said.

Some local businesses are noticing this trend already. According to Southwest Bikes, located near 95 and Centennial Parkway in the northwest valley, clean commuting is growing in popularity. A total of three e-bikes were sold in the last week alone.

“When we first started doing it, we weren’t sure if it was going to be popular or not, but it’s really exceeded our expectations,” Rocky Heidt, the owner of SouthWest Bikes, said.

Heidt thinks e-bikes will be the fastest growing segment of his store.

“Ebikes are not that expensive; you can put racks on them and haul anything you want nowadays,” Heidt said.

Both Heidt and Simon agree the next step is for more cities to provide infrastructure so people can use e-bikes, skate, and ride scooters to get around safely.

Southwest Bikes say an electric bike can cost an average of $2,500. Some of the newer, more expensive models have different perks like WiFi capabilities.

Many e-bikes range between 30 to 70 miles on a single charge.