North Las Vegas police officers commended for bravery, heroism

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The North Las Vegas Police Department celebrated the bravery and heroism of dozens of police officers.

The 2019 NLVPD Awards Ceremony recognized forty-one officers for their outstanding work.

Thes officers performed vital first-aid to save lives; talked people out of harming themselves; caught convicted criminals; and put out a fire that threatened to destroy an entire apartment building.

The honorees included:

* Officer Israel Molina and Officer Robert Sherburne, who received the Life Saving Award.

On April 13, Officers Sherburne and Molina were dispatched to an apartment building after receiving a call about a 13-year-old boy attempting to commit suicide. When officers arrived, they saw the boy’s mother holding onto her son, who was dangling from a third-floor balcony. The mother was yelling that her child was slipping from her grasp. Officers Sherburne and Molina ran into the apartment and grabbed the 165-pound boy, just as his mother’s grip gave way. They pulled the boy back over the balcony and into the apartment. Had it not been for the swift actions of Officers Sherburne and Molina, the child would have succeeded in taking his own life.

* Sgt. Stephanie Easton, Officer Michael Almaden, Officer Jacob Ray, Officer Lee Gaston and Dispatch Supervisor Darcie Myers, who received the Exemplary Service Award.

* Officer Michael Sullivan, Officer Robert Sherburne, Officer Paul McGinnis, Officer Rodrigo Delara, Officer Joshua Odoms and Officer Nicholas Penna, who received the Meritorious Service Award.

On Aug. 18, 2017, Dispatch Supervisor Myers dispatched officers to a home in which an armed man was holding his wife and two young children at gun point. Myers kept the frantic victim calm and told her to barricade herself and the children, ages 1 and 2, in the master bedroom. Myers stayed on the line with the woman and relayed vital information about the suspect back to officers as they arrived on scene.

Officer Ray called the man to try to calm him. However, the armed suspect began to approach the master bedroom, where the woman and children remained barricaded. Sgt. Easton, having no time to wait for SWAT, made the decision to make a dynamic entry into the residence. Officers Delara, Sherburne, McGinnis, Odoms, Penna, Gaston, Almaden and Sullivan, along with K9 Nox, used a shield and battering ram to enter the home. They took the suspect into custody and freed the woman and two young children.

Due to the officers’ heroic actions under extreme circumstances, a violent man was stopped from inflicting serious harm on three innocents. The officers’ rapid and dynamic response de-escalated the dangerous situation and reflects the great skill of the department and its employees.

For more information about these successes and the other North Las Vegas police officers’ acts of bravery, or to schedule an interview, please call the NLVPD Public Information Office at (702) 633-1824.

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