LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge set bail at $300,000 for Nathan Chasing Horse at a Wednesday court hearing. The “Dances with Wolves” actor is accused of sexually assaulting multiple indigenous women and children for at least two decades.

An alleged victim of Chasing Horse was visibly devastated with the judge’s decision, while supporters of Chasing Horse thanked the judge as they exited the courtroom.

Prosecutors asked for a $2 million bail arguing that Chasing Horse, 46, is a flight risk and has a devoted following with members of a cult he is accused of leading, referred to as “The Circle.”

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney William Rowles cited evidence in the case including video which he said shows Chasing Horse sexually assaulting a girl between the ages of 11 and 13 while she was unconscious. Additional evidence revealed that Chasing Horse was actively trying to groom children, according to Rowles.

Chasing Horse’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, Rowles said. In a monitored call made from jail, Chasing Horse said that he has access to two antique items totaling a worth of about $500,000, according to Rowles.

Rowles also pointed to allegations that Chasing Horse told his wives to take suicide pills if law enforcement showed up, and to be prepared for a shootout.  

Chasing Horse faces charges including sexual assault against a child, sexual assault, four counts of sex trafficking of an adult, child abuse or neglect, possession of pornography depicting a victim under the age of 16, as well as two counts related to unlawful acts pertaining to a bald eagle and unlawful possession of a bird of prey or parts.

“We cannot stress enough when an individual is charged with sexually assaulting multiple people that they are inherently a danger to our community,” Rowles said.

Chasing Horse’s public defender, Kristy Holston, asked for $50,000 bail to be set, stating that Chasing Horse could afford it, that he has immense community support, and that he has no criminal record.

Holston added that Chasing Horse has lived in Las Vegas for a decade, and that he would live with a family member who works with an organization committed to combatting human trafficking if he were released on bail.

North Las Vegas Judge Pro-Tem Craig Newman acknowledged prosecutors’ concerns.

“I feel that there is a danger to the main victims potentially as well as to others,” he said.

Pro-Tem Judge Newman set the $300K bail. Additional conditions include high-level electronic monitoring, Chasing Horse must stay away from minors, and he is not allowed to consume drugs or alcohol.

Chasing Horse was arrested Jan. 31 at his North Las Vegas home where he is believed to have resided with multiple wives. An arrest warrant stated that he had multiple victims, three of which were allegedly sexually assaulted in Clark County.

The warrant claimed that Chasing Horse portrayed himself as a “medicine man” to gain the trust of indigenous families and children, using that trust to groom young girls in the community before raping, physically abusing, and trafficking them.

Chasing Horse has previously been banned from reservations both in the United States and Canada.

There is an active warrant for Chasing Horse for sexual assault in Canada from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. More charges are on the way after additional victims and women came forward, according to the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service.

The 8 News Now Investigators have learned that the FBI is also investigating Chasing Horse.

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