No decision yet on possible new transgender policy for CCSD


Parents and teachers came out in droves at Valley High School Monday night to discuss a transgender student policy. Currently, the district doesn’t have any written guidelines regarding transgender students. School board trustees now have the option to change that.

Elizabeth Stephanie was one of the speakers and says, “you do not want to hear us. We have shown up in large, overwhelming numbers. repeatedly telling you that we do not want this policy. We want to enforce the policies that we have. We want you to actually apply the laws that we have. Treat everyone equally and not a certain group.”

Those who oppose the policy say that any policy created should protect all students, telling school board trustees that they don’t work for the ACLU. They work for the people of Clark County.

Others said that the policy goes against their Christian values and they’re fearful of what could happen when it comes to the transgender bathroom controversy. Shay Bravo was another speaker and says, “why is it that you guys think we will attack you in the restrooms? I have never attacked anybody. The only reason that we are trans is that we don’t feel comfortable with the gender that we were born with. If you do not want to understand, go ahead. However, I want 2018 to be the year that we are all humans no matter what gender.

Carolyn Edwards is a school board trustee and says, “I think it’s important to many people because they are protected. I think it concerns other people because they are fearful because what the implications of the policy might do, not understanding how their students would remain protected so it’s a balancing act in terms of figuring out how to do this and make sure everyone is protected.”

Supporters of the policy say since there isn’t anything in writing and nothing that guides administrators, gender diverse students don’t know they are protected. School board trustees went back and forth trying to find a middle ground, but were unable to.

The board ultimately decided to bring the agenda item back up for discussion at their next board meeting.

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