NLV mayor announces pig farm is moving


A North Las Vegas pig farm famous for recycling leftover casino buffet food is soon going up for auction.

City officials scheduled a news conference Monday to announce the development, which is expected to boost property values in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The farm predates many of the homes nearby by decades, but it spurs frequent complaints about its foul odors.

“The odor is very offensive,” said Steve Ellsworth, he lives next to R.C. Farms.

“There was nobody in that area except Bob and his family, but growth came up and around him,” said Richard Cherchio, North Las Vegas City Councilman.

The development comes as the city builds a bridge and expands roads in the area of the farm. Its owner plans to move the operation to a quieter area north of the current location and closer to a landfill.

Ellsworth’s backyard backs up to the property.  Ellsworth said he’s lived in his home for two years; he says the farm’s owner, Bob Combs, Has been a good neighbor, but he’s not going to miss the smell coming from the animals.

“I had the anticipation that they probably would relocate in the near future, and it looks like it’s coming to fruit,” Ellsworth said.

When the farm moves, the land it leaves behind will be open for residential and commercial development.

“Now, it’s going to be that opportunity to repurpose the land,” said Assmblyman Tyrone Thompson, D, North Las Vegas.

City officials say the starting bid for the 153-acre farm will be about $31 million. The auction is set for June, although the move and site cleanup are expected to take three years.

“We’re expecting property values in that area to be able to go up,” John Lee, North Las Vegas Mayor said.  “We think it’s going to be a huge attractor for everything in the area.” 

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