There are still questions surrounding the future of Faraday Future. The startup electric car manufacturer is building its factory at the Apex Industrial Park. 

The company halted construction in November.

Now, there are some new clues as to which way Faraday Future may be heading. That work stoppage was temporary — the company says — because it wanted to focus all of its efforts on getting a production car ready for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

North Las Vegas’ city manager has revealed an ambitious timetable for getting things going back out at Apex which includes a “mini-factory.”

“It’s a 650,000-square foot mini-plant that’s going to be complete about August, end of August,” said Dr. Qiong Liu, North Las Vegas city manager.

The city manager revealed, with confirmation from sources, AE com has filed and paid for expedited construction permits to build that 650,000-square foot portion of the factory first. That should be completed by the end of August so car production can start while the rest of the 3 million square-foot facility is built.

This comes as the city of North Las Vegas is starting construction on infrastructure projects to bring water, sewer and improved street access to the Apex Industrial Park.

That’s something that the head of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development considers a priority and has preparing to do without Faraday Future.

“We’re not really hedging bets, we’re looking for a method to put the infrastructure in at Apex, because it’s critical for more than just Faraday, in the event that Faraday doesn’t move forward,” said Steve Hill, director, economic development.

He says they are hopeful that the Faraday project moves forward successfully.

Governor Sandoval’s office is taking a wait and see approach when it comes to the project moving forward.

The company has not commented yet on the timetable of the factory.

When 8 News NOW spoke with company executives at CES, Vice President of global manufacturing Dag Reckhorn said the project was on schedule for cars to be coming off the line in North Las Vegas “sometime in 2018.”