NHP troopers to carry drug to help with opioid overdoses


Nevada Highway Patrol troopers will soon be carrying the drug Narcan which is used to counteract the effects of an opioid overdose.

Troopers are currently being trained how to use the drug, according to an NHP news release.

Each trooper will be carrying two doses of the nasal spray form. The life-saving drug is used on people suffering from an apparent overdose of heroin or other opioids.

The release says, Nevada ranks third in the nation for deaths related to opioid overdoses and on average has one death per day related to an overdose. A patient suffering from an opioid overdose typically has 45 to 90 minutes to reverse the effects before death. Narcan blocks the effects opioids has on the brain and can reverse and overdose.

The drug is also considered safe if someone uses it who is not experiencing an overdose.

Henderson Police are also in the process of having their officers carry the drug. Metro and North Las Vegas Police do not carry Narcan.

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