NHP investigates road rage incident caught on camera


Nevada Highway Patrol is planning to issue traffic citations to a driver who was caught breaking the law on another driver’s dash camera. 

8 News NOW spoke with the victim. He’s still shocked about the ordeal. 

“You have no idea who you’re sharing the road with,” Trinity Guzman said.


According to Guzman who recorded the incident, it took place around 7:15 a.m. Tuesday on U.S. 95 southbound near the Eastern exit. Guzman said, there was a black SUV with custom license plates who was directly behind him and “apparently was not pleased with the speed I was going.”

“Obviously he wanted to go faster,” said Guzman.

The video shows the SUV driver swerving around traffic and cutting in front of the man’s car and then coming to an abrupt stop in the traffic lane forcing the man to drive into an emergency lane to avoid a collision.

The man’s dash camera captured the license plate and entire incident which was then turned over to NHP.  NHP said it was key in tracking down the driver.

“Now we have this dashcam footage we clearly could see multiple violations going on,”  said Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jason Buratczuk. 

The SUV driver was issued a citation, but the details of the ticket weren’t released. 8 News NOW was told he faced reckless driving, impeding the flow of traffic, unsafe lane change, failure to maintain a travel lane and no turn signal citations.

Guzman says he’s glad he was able to bring just a little bit of justice to the roads. He says he’s also thankful that he and his wife made it out of the situation safely.

“Myself and my wife or many of the other drivers on the road could have been seriously injured or even killed,” Guzman said.  “When you sit back and reflect on it you realize that one person having a bad day, has some anger issues. Whatever it is he has going on; it can ruin your entire life.”

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