New state laws in effect for Nevadans as of July 1


This week Nevadans are subject to more than a dozen new laws.  The new laws that went into effect Sunday, July 1, deal with everything from police body cameras to education reform.

One of the new laws will hit almost everyone in the wallet because the state imposed a new requirement on car insurance companies.  The state has upped the coverage minimums, which gets passed onto you with higher rates.

Another hot-button law has to do with body cameras.  Police officers statewide must now wear body cameras.

This applies to uniformed officers who routinely interact with members of the public.

There are also several new education laws that will kick in when students come back from summer break.

Senate Bill 200 requires public school students to receive computer education instruction before 6th grade.  It also allows for high school students to replace one of their required math or science classes with certain computer classes.

Senate Bill 212 expands the safe to tell program, which is the state’s bullying reporting system.  The law essentially requires schools to take a more active roll in investigating and combatting bullying.

SB 212 says schools must have a team of three people who work with police or other appropriate agencies that investigate any bullying claims.

Senate Bill 322 requires high school students to pass a civics test with identical questions to those on the exam immigrants have to take to become naturalized citizens.

Schools may administer the tests this upcoming school as a graduation requirement, and are required to do so for the 2019-2020 school year.

To see the full list of the 14 new laws go here.

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