New hospitality building gives UNLV students real-life experience


UNLV students are attending classes in the brand new hospitality hall.

Since breaking ground two years ago, Hospitality Hall will now lay the groundwork for students like Deanna Wong

“I’m not too sure where but eventually in the long run I want to own my own restaurant,” Wong said.

The third year hospitality major experienced her first spring semester class inside the brand new building.

“It just allows us to be more excited about what we’re about to go into on the Strip and anywhere else in the hospitality industry,” she said.

You can see influences from some of  UNLV’s big name neighbors.

“Our goal is really to change lives. There’s no business like hospitality,” said Dean Stowe Shoemaker.

College of Hospitality Dean, Stowe Shoemaker believes the facility’s design is just as important as the location.

“What’s great about our building is that it mirrors exactly what students will see when they enter the industry,” he said.

From the Caesar’s Foundation lobby to the MGM student-run cafe.

“Students will get real hands-on experience so when the industry hires them, they know they can come in and have an immediate impact on their job,” Shoemaker said.

Giving Deanna Wong and her classmates a better foundation for when they enter the workforce.

“It gives us a chance to step into the hospitality world already while we’re learning in college and I think it’s a great step just for what we want do in life.”

“We’re the school that if you want to go into hospitality operations and management and leadership, you will come to UNLV,” Shoemaker said.

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